10 Things You Didn’t Know About Strava

As the summer season kicks off, Strava – the platform at the center of connected fitness for 100 million community members – emerges as the ultimate companion for active lifestyles. 

Strava is not just an average fitness app; it's a powerhouse of features designed to enhance users' fitness journeys and connect them with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, and since 2019.

Here are 10 features you may not be aware of that make Strava the must-have app this summer:

  1. Amplifying Experiences with Spotify and Nike: Strava has integrated with Spotify, enabling users to enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks seamlessly within the app. Additionally, Nike Run Club users can soon connect their accounts, bringing together the best of both worlds.

  2. Gear Up Excitement for the Tour de France: Clip on a helmet and join the peloton on Strava. Users can immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of cycling by following professional athletes on Strava, last year's race saw a whopping 80% of riders track their times on Strava. With Netflix’s upcoming sport docuseries, Tour de France: Unchained, it’s time to unleash our inner cycling enthusiast.

  3. Sweat with the Stars: Join fitness communities led by celebrities like Joe Wicks and Dr. Alex. Connect, find inspiration, and stay motivated alongside favorite personalities. Unique challenges set by celebrities serve as a fun way to motivate people to push themselves and accomplish a specific goal. 

  4. Discover the Next Adventure: Planning a summer getaway? Routes on Strava provides millions of routes, ensuring users never miss out on a picturesque run, walk, or hike, no matter where they are.

  5. Get Social: Strava goes beyond tracking workouts; it's a vibrant social platform. Users can share photos, videos, tag friends, and find motivation within the Strava community.

  6. Take Control of Privacy: Strava understands the importance of maintaining privacy. With multiple privacy controls, users can decide who sees their activities, whether or not to share their map, or hiding start and end points with privacy zones to ensure the desired level of confidentiality.

  7. Stay Connected with Beacon: Strava's Beacon feature allows users to share their live location with loved ones, providing peace of mind while they're out and keeping active - be it running, cycling, or walking.

  8. Improve Your Commute with Metro: By tracking activities on Strava, users are feeding into the Strava Metro dataset which provides anonymized activity data insights on commuting trends to city planners, free of charge. In turn, this helps to improve infrastructure such as the development of better bicycle lanes and improved street lighting. Track your commutes and improve your city - easy.

  9. Join Thriving Fitness Communities: Engage with like-minded individuals in recently revamped Groups on Strava, and share fitness journeys with others who share similar interests to track over 50 different activity types available. From cycling, running, skating, swimming, or practicing yoga, Strava has them covered.

  10. Freedom of Movement: While Strava offers premium features via subscription, the app is free to download. Users can start their summer on the right foot with Strava's free trial and enjoy the great outdoors.