Strava's New Integrations Unlock a Holistic View of Training for Athletes on the Platform

Open and ŌURA integrations allow athletes to seamlessly incorporate a full approach to training within the Strava platform.

SAN FRANCISCO – March 5, 2024Strava, the leading digital community for active people with more than 120 million athletes, today announced new platform integrations with ŌURA and Open (U.S. only). Athletes now have the opportunity to bring their passive health scores – recovery and sleep – and progressive health practices – meditation and mindfulness – together for a holistic approach to their training and well-being.

Whether it is a long run improved by an Open breathwork and meditation, or a hike fueled by a strong Readiness Score from Oura, Strava is home to a holistic view of your active life. By coupling an athlete’s pre-exercise and post-exercise efforts with activity performance, Strava further defines itself as the nucleus of their active life, connecting health inputs from more devices to tell the full story of an athlete’s performance and improvement. 

“Chasing your personal best means nurturing your entire well-being. From prioritizing quality rest to embracing mindful practices like meditation, each step feeds into living your best active life,” said Zipporah Allen, Chief Business Officer, Strava. “That's why we're dedicated to integrating trusted partners into Strava, ensuring our athletes have the tools they need to optimize every aspect of their active lives.”

Integration from Open and Oura is simple – each partner allows key media to be shared into a selected Strava activity. Athletes can simply navigate to the Open and Oura apps, select the media to share from each respective partner, and finally, choose the Strava activity to pair it with.

Strava athletes benefit from this latest integration through:

  • A complete performance view: See a holistic view of their active life and how each effort contributes to their end goal. 

  • Seamless integration: Replace screenshots and multiple activity uploads with a streamlined experience that also makes it easier for athletes to deepen their interconnectivity and engagement with Strava.

  • Community inspiration: Be motivated by the Strava community to sleep, stretch, and move mindfully. 

These integrated activities will appear as complementary media, similar to an image or video, on Strava. 

"More than an integration, this partnership celebrates the human drive to experiment and find our edge to reach a new personal best,” said Raed Khawaja, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Open. “It is techniques like breathwork that are shepherding this next generation of physical performance and mental resilience. Open is designed to chart that mind-body expansion.” 

Strava is hosting The Makings of Greatness challenge to celebrate the partnership starting March 8th. Join the Challenge on Strava to log 15 days of activity before the end of the month and showcase all the unsung efforts in your routine. Athletes who complete the challenge will be eligible to enter The Makings of Greatness Sweepstakes for a chance to win an annual subscription to Strava, an Oura Ring (plus a one-month membership to Oura), access to the Open app (plus 1 in-person class at Open Studio in Venice, CA), and bonus swag from Strava and Open. Terms and conditions apply.

To learn more about the process of integrating activity details from Open and Oura activities to Strava, visit For guidance on how athletes can experiment with practices like Open breathwork and meditation to improve their physical and mental resilience using Open’s performance protocol. For more information on Strava, to create a free account, or to start a free subscription trial visit


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Strava is the leading digital community for active people with more than 120 million athletes, in more than 190 countries. The platform offers a holistic view of your active lifestyle, no matter where you live, which sport you love and/or what device you use. Everyone belongs on Strava when they are pursuing an active life. Join the community, find motivation and discover new experiences with a Strava subscription.

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