Strava Announces New Strategic Partnership with Black Trail Runners to Address Barriers and Diversify Participation in Trail Running

  • Strava cements its relationship with Black Trail Runners by partnering with the community for two trail-blazing events in 2024 

  • The partnership underscores Strava’s ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers in running and sport – ensuring all communities are represented on the trails 

Strava, the fitness platform at the centre of connected fitness, has today announced an official partnership with the Black Trail Runners community (BTR) for two major events: Black to the Trails and Running into the New Year.  

Following their support of the first Black to the Trails event, in May 2023 at Dunstable Downs, Strava will act as a Presenting Partner of the 2024 event taking place at Dunstable Downs on the 12th May 2024. Designed for and by Black people, Black to the Trails is the first and only event of its kind in the UK, seeking to promote a future in which all communities are represented on the trails.

Last year’s inaugural Black to the Trails event, which sold out its 400 race entries, has set a new benchmark for the future of trail running. With 70% of the entrants being people of colour, representing 15 of the UK’s 18 ethnic groups, the 2023 race was the first to achieve such a level of ethnic diversity - a legacy the event next year hopes to build upon. 

Strava will also be the official partner of Running into the New Year – an event that will bring all of the BTR social runs together on a single day at the start of 2024 in an act of solidarity and community. The event, taking place on 1st January 2024, will unify runners across London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Sussex, and, for the first time, in the US. It will also allow individual community members to take part virtually and record their ‘Runs into the New Year’ on Strava.

BTR is a community and campaigning charity committed to increasing the participation, inclusion, and representation of Black people in trail running. With Black people currently making up fewer than 1% of entries to trail races, Strava’s partnership with the charity aims to raise awareness of the barriers that exist in trail running, and boost access and diversity on the trails. 

Strava has been working with BTR since their first collaboration in August 2021, when launching the ‘Black Trail Runners 4.5’ challenge - an initiative that challenged people to complete 4.5 hours of exercise on Strava to raise awareness of the under-representation of Black people (4.5% of the UK population) in trail running, and increase diversity on the trails.

Brian Bell, Vice President, Global Communications and Social Impact at Strava, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with Black Trail Runners and support their mission of increasing diversity and inclusion in trail running. At Strava, one of our core social impact pillars is focused on equity and inclusion in sport, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of outdoor trails and the sense of community that running can provide - and it is important that we use our platform to break down the barriers that exist in trail running. 

“We are so excited to be a part of both the Black to the Trails and Running into the New Year events and are looking forward to another year of celebrating the power of community with Black Trail Runners.”

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys, Co-Founder and Trustee of Black Trail Runners, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Strava for two exciting events we have planned for Black Trail Runners. It is the power of community that really brings these events to life, so it is brilliant to have Strava supporting and amplifying our mission. 

 Our collaboration with Strava for the first Black to the Trails event in 2023 was a huge success, and helped set the foundation for a really exciting and impactful partnership that will drive inclusion and diversity not only on the trails, but in sport in general."

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About Black Trail Runners

Black Trail Runners – launched in 2020 - is a UK based community and campaigning charity seeking to increase inclusion, participation, and representation of Black people in trail running.

Black to the Trails, taking place at Dunstable Downs on 12th May 2024, is the UK’s only trail running event designed and directed by Black people, for Black people, people of colour, and White allies who want to support the diversification of the UK trail running scene.  

Follow and find out more about Black Trail Runners on their Instagram @blacktrailrunners or via the links below: