Strava Previews New Product Vision at Brand’s Flagship Event

Strava today shared its latest product vision that harnesses the power of its community to motivate the world to be more active.

LOS ANGELES (May 17, 2023) — Strava, the subscription platform at the center of connected fitness, today shared its latest product vision that harnesses the power of its community to motivate the world to be more active. Speaking at Camp Strava, the organization’s annual event, leaders from the company detailed a completely reimagined experience for groups and new mapping technology.

“Strava has always been about harnessing the power of other people to motivate you to be more active and help you explore the world around you,” said Michael Horvath, Strava CEO and co-founder. “Today we're excited to preview our product vision for new community-driven experiences built around groups and maps which we believe will democratize how people move and connect in the decade ahead.”

Harnessing the Power of Strava’s Community Through a New Experience for Groups

With a global community of more than 100M+ active people and 750,000 clubs, Strava serves as the home to groups and communities of all sizes. By listening to the community, Strava is leaning into its clubs and groups' experience with a belief that it will be as foundational as the home feed is today.

The new groups’ experience will evolve how professional athletes, creators, community leaders and organizers, and brands connect and actively engage with people of similar interest and passions on the platform. The rebuilding of current features and development of new features will transform the platform’s experience from the first touch. 

The goal is to enable active individuals to connect with their communities in a more intimate space with more control over content and who sees it – putting the user at the center. The new experience will begin turning on next month with features launching throughout the year. 

Features like: 

  • A new clubs and groups interface for deeper and richer community interaction and experience beyond competition and goals, 

  • Larger group challenges in Clubs that allow organizers to set the rules and invite participants, and

  • Additional content integrations to include videos, routes, activities and much more.

“At its heart, Strava is a motivation machine,” said Zipporah Allen, Strava chief business officer. “By reimagining how communities connect and engage, we are well positioned to transform how the digital experience of camaraderie, connection and even friendly competition translates to real life. Strava is that connection point that pulls it all together to motivate the world to be more active through community.”  

3D Mapping Technology

Strava upleveled its mapping technology with the acquisition of FATMAP, an outdoor adventure platform, earlier this year. The integration of 3D mapping is ushering Strava’s technology evolution to create a map that is built around people and exploration. 

The global proprietary 3D mapping technology empowers active individuals on Strava to holistically discover and plan an outdoor experience with curated local guides, points of interest and safety information. 

The latest new features that are available today include: 

  • Maps and route creation: Combining our new map with updated route planning - powered by AI - to generate the best routes in one click anywhere in the world.

  • Route details: Community powered insights  on every route such as recent photos taken by the community to help determine which route is best for your needs. 

Additional developments coming this year include:

  • Route publishing: Strava is allowing resorts, bike parks, events, professionals and local experts to document their official or recommended routes with rich descriptions, photos and safety information.  

  • Collections: Curated collections of routes and places to share with friends or publish for others to discover similar active experiences - from family friendly hikes to easy park runs.

  • Updated embeds: Integrating Strava’s new map experiences and content onto websites to power news, blogs and even solutions for physical signage at events.

“Strava is changing how maps are created and utilized. It’s instinctive to use maps to plan travel via cars, the differentiator for our maps is that we are building it for humans and advancing accessibility for how anyone discovers and experiences the outdoors, whether it's in the mountains, city streets, or local parks and trails,” said Misha Gopaul, Strava VP of product and FATMAP founder. “The technology advancements have transformed how we can source and share information and that translates into changes in how we move around our communities.”

Since January, the platform has made significant headway and investment to scale innovation, including the acquisition of FATMAP and appointment of Chief Design Officer Anita Butler. Now supporting 45 different activity types, Strava continues to grow subscriber benefits, such as ski area mapping, Recover Athletics pre-hab content, route recommendations, an online route builder, global and personal heatmaps, and segment leaderboards. Through the consistent innovation and investment into the platform, Strava continues to deliver a distinctive experience to find your community and track your active lifestyle on one singular platform. 

Visit Strava’s clubs page here to learn more and join our beta program for community builders. 

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