Strava Shares the Top Ways Active People Get Sweaty on Valentine’s Day

Today, Strava – the subscription platform at the center of connected fitness – shares data on who, when and how people get sweaty on Valentine’s Day.

Analysis of public activity uploads on February 14 over the last four years from Strava’s active community of over 100 million people around the world shows that winter sports are the most common activities (or sport types) for pairs on Valentine’s Day, with 20% of winter activities (ski, snowboard, ice skate and snowshoe) done in pairs. The next most common types of activities for pairs are walks and hikes, of which 14% are done in pairs, followed by bike rides at 13%. 

There are benefits to working out in pairs for Valentine’s Day and beyond. A 2017 study found that partners who walk together unlock increased positive rapport and empathy, and enjoy other benefits like naturally cooperative (as opposed to competitive) postural stances, experiencing shared attention, and discussions in novel environments. 

Globally, active pairs get an early start. The most popular time for pairs to embark on their Valentine’s Day activities is 9:00 am, followed by 10:00 am, 8:00 am, 11:00 am and noon.

Strava also found that paired activities tend to be done most by younger generations, with Gen Z leading the way with 13% of activities done in pairs on Valentine’s Day. 

Additional insights from Strava’s Year In Sport data report support these trends:

  • Active pairs went longer in both time and distance in their sport than when people were active solo.

  • Hiking’s popularity has tripled on Strava over the last 3 years

  • 52% of athletes uploaded trail activities to Strava in 2022 

Popular Walk and Hike Segments for pairs around the world during 2022:

Looking for activity or date ideas? Take it outdoors using Strava’s mobile apps to see walk and hike Routes generated to your preferences in the Maps tab. Active people on Strava can find new places to walk, hike, run, ride or do winter sports in the mobile apps. 

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